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Carpet Cleaner North Wales
Carpet Cleaners North Wales
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Why Choose ALL CLEAN! CARPET CLEANING in North Wales?


1) Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning in North Wales

ALL CLEAN! Carpet Cleaning serves North Wales, PA with the DEEPEST carpet cleaning possible: Hot Water Extraction via a high-end state-of-the-art Truck-Mounted System in conjunction with an omni-directional multi-pass power wand. Here's how it works... Hot Water Extraction flushes dirt, bacteria, and allergens right out of your carpets leaving you with extremely clean carpets. The more powerful the truck-mount; the cleaner and dryer your carpets will be. You won't find a more powerful carpet cleaning system in North Wales. Beyond that - we go the "extra mile" in North Wales by using a restorative-cleaning Power Wand at no extra charge. So instead of getting 30 passes per minute with the standard manual wand that most carpet cleaners in North Wales use, we get 1,500! And instead of cleaning the carpet fibers bi-directionally, we clean omni-directionally, cleaning the carpet fibers at every possible angle. Your carpets will be as clean as they possibly can be!



2) Carpet Cleaning in North Wales Done by the Owner

A note from the owner of ALL CLEAN! Carpet Cleaning: I never send helpers to do the carpet cleaning in North Wales. As the owner of ALL CLEAN!; I promise that I will be the one at your home to give you your deepest carpet cleaning ever. It is very important to me that you are happy with your carpet cleaning in North Wales, PA. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your carpets and how they should be maintained; I'll be there to answer them for you. Plus, I'll take the time required to give you the thorough carpet cleaning you deserve. A rushed carpet cleaning benefits no one. I'm looking for long-term customers in North Wales, PA!




3) 100% Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning in North Wales

ALL CLEAN! Carpet Cleaning guarantees 100% safe carpet cleaning in North Wales, PA, with no exceptions. Babies, children, the elderly, family members with allergies and asthma, pets... all of our customers in North Wales, PA are absolutely guaranteed to have no health issues with our carpet cleaning agent. Procyon is used to loosen the dirt and our water-softened water is used to extract the dirt and the Procyon out of your carpets and into our truck mount. Your carpets will be soft and soap free instead of being brittle with dirt attracting soap left behind. Your entire family will enjoy clean, healthy carpets every time. I guarantee it!!!


5 Stars

“Prompt and Professional"

Robin K. – North Wales, PA


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